About Me

Before I was diagnosed with food allergies, I had no clue what Celiac Disease was, I thought the solution to my lactose intolerance was to pop a pill and I didn’t see a correlation between my sugar intake and my constant headaches. The thought of living without cheese, yogurt, omelets, baked goods and more was pretty daunting.  But, I’ve learned to change my mindset with a little creativity and a shift towards more natural foods.  I don’t believe in dwelling on the things we can’t eat. We should embrace the many delicious things we can enjoy. 

This blog is dedicated to discussing food allergies:  how we deal with the added day-to-day stresses, its affects on our psyche and most importantly what and where we can eat safely.  All the recipes here will be free of gluten, cow dairy, eggs and (most of the time) sugar.  (We can’t be good all of the time!)